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2014 Compliance Training for the Safe Transport of Division 6.2 Infectious Substances, Biological Specimens, Dry Ice and Related Materials -
Internet Version


Please review the System Requirements Page to ensure proper viewing

Welcome to the new Saf-T-Pak® Internet Training Portal - your personal access to the Internet Version of the 2014 Compliance Training for the Safe Transport of Division 6.2 Infectious Substances, Biological Specimens, Dry Ice and Related Materials. The leader of training for these topics for almost fifteen years, Saf-T-Pak has made significant improvements for the 2014 version including:

  • the ability to move directly to the next chapter without having to return to the main menu
  • the ability to retreive your activation code if you have forgotten it
  • enhanced support features within the training
  • enhanced exam questions with images
  • the ability to start an exam and resume it later
  • the ability to set bookmarks to quickly navigate to information you choose
  • and continuing to use Adobe® Flash® as a world class content delivery tool

Language options

The training is available in English, French and Spanish

Regulatory Content Updated

The 2014 Saf-T-Pak Compliance Training incorporates the latest regulatory changes from ICAO and IATA (effective January 1, 2014), 49 CFR (effective October 1, 2013) and ADR/RID (effective January 1, 2013), so your training is up-to-date with the latest regulations.

Customer-requested Topics Added

In direct response to customer suggestions and requests, Saf-T-Pak has added three new topics shown below:

New Topics added in the last two years

  • Limited Quantities
  • Excepted Quantities (Ethanol, Formalin)
  • Liquid Nitrogen

Traditional Topics

  • Infectious Substance, Category A
  • Infectious Substance, Category B
  • Exempt Human/Animal Specimens
  • Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

Personalized Training Paths

The 2014 Saf-T-Pak Compliance Training allows each user to personalize their training as needed, with any or all of the topics listed above, by selecting the appropriate check-box in the initial set-up. Save training time by not forcing the trainee to work through topics that do not apply to them.

Developed with Adobe™ Flash

Adobe Flash, the industry-leading authoring environment for creating engaging interactive experiences, allows the Saf-T-Pak Compliance Training to be delivered across a wider range of audiences than ever before. From Windows XP through Windows 8 as well as Mac OS X version 10.4 through version 10.8, Saf-T-Pak Compliance Training is now available to more users around the world!

The Saf-T-Pak Internet Version offers maximum flexibility, allowing each user to train from almost anywhere in the world with high speed internet access. You can start on a computer in one location and resume at another computer in a different location. The Saf-T-Pak Internet Compliance Training keeps track of where you left off, chapter by chapter.

Once training is completed, the trainee is presented with an exam based on the personalized training paths chosen at set-up. After completing the exam, the user is able to print their personalized certificate of training documenting the specific material trained on, the date of training completion, the date(s) of expiry and the final exam score. The trainee then only needs to have the certificate signed to constitute a valid record of training.

If you have not yet purchased and want a chance to evaluate the Saf-T-Pak Compliance Training, please click on “FREE DEMONSTRATION” in the horizontal navigation bar at the top of this page. If you already have your Activation Code and are ready to train, please click “START INTERNET TRAINING” in the horizontal navigation bar at the top of the page. And finally, if you have purchased an Activation Code for the Administrative Tool (Optional), click on “Admin Login”.

Ready to order? Please call 1-800-814-7484 (USA and Canada) or +1 (780)486-0211 (everywhere else) to reach customer service.