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Our Training Platform

Learning Designed For Everyone

Our training contains various learning tools aimed to work with our customer’s variety of learning styles.

Learning Tools Include:

- An Introduction to the Training Software

- Video Demonstrations

- Narration Audio

- Drag and Drop Exercises

- Progress Quizzes

- Descriptive Pictures

- Flow Charts

- Bookmarks To Find Information Important To You

Helpful Resources When You Need Them

With your purchase of our training comes access to our Customer Service representatives, our Regulatory experts and our Software Engineers.

Customer Service
- Representatives will provide you with assistance gaining access to you training and will answer the most common questions customers ask.

Regulatory Experts
- If you have a question regarding regulatory requirements or questions about the content of the training, consult with our Regulatory Experts. Our regulatory experts have years of experience and education, and have assisted numerous students over those years.

Software Engineers
- If you have an issue with the software, who better to talk to than the team who wrote it. Our software engineers can tackle your most difficult issue, and will provide you with the assistance you need to get the most out of your training.

Exams to Demonstrate Knowlege

The transportation regulations require a shipper to be able to demonstrate a level of competency consistent with the requirement in the regulations. Saf-T-Pak’s training contains quizzes and a final exam that will demonstrate a student’s understanding of the requirements of the regulations. Once you finish a final exam with sufficient demonstration of knowledge you will be able to print a training certificate as proof of your new knowledge.


Available Courses

Compliance Training for the Safe Transport of Division 6.2 Infectious Substances, Biological Specimens, Dry Ice and Related Materials

CATEGORY SPECIFIC TRAINING STRUCTURE Including: Shipping Infectious Substances, Biological Substances, Genetically Modified Organisms, Dry ice, Liquid Nitrogen Shippers and Preservatives

Global security measures continue to intensify, so training is more critical than ever in order to protect your valuable biomaterial shipments. Proper training eliminates shipping delays, package rejection and most importantly – fines! With Saf-T-Pak’s comprehensive training you can rest assured that all the necessary bases are covered, including IATA, ICAO, US DOT, Transport Canada, RID/ADR and Universal Postal Union regulations. Saf-T-Pak offers more training options and greater customization than ever before.


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